Effin Insurance Agency Cancellation / Refund Policy

Policy Cancellation

In order to cancel your policy please send a signed, dated request to us at the address shown below. The request should include:
Alternatively, please feel free to call us at 740.334.4970. We will be more than happy to mail, fax or email you the appropriate generic, or company specific form to cancel your policy.

Your signed request should be mailed, faxed, or emailed to:

Mailing address:    Effin Insurance Agency
                               PO Box 567
                               Granville, Ohio 43023

Fax:                        Call for Number

Email:                     CustomerService@EffinInsurance.com

Once the completed cancellation forms(s) are received, your request will usually be processed within twenty-four hours of receipt.


Effin Insurance Agency LLC is an insurance agency and does not retain collected premiums.

Credit/debit card payments processed through the agency virtual terminal are processed immediately prior to the issuance/reinstatement of an insurance policy. Upon issuance/reinstatement all monies are transmitted to the appropriate insurance carrier.

Monthly payments are processed immediately upon the customers request.

Some insurance carriers have their own payment gateways. These gateways process the credit/debit cards through the individual carriers credit/debit card system. Carrier systems will be utilized whenever possible. 

Due to state insurance laws regarding the usage of insurance agents fiduciary accounts, we can not refund any monies collected to initiate an insurance policies.

After policy issuance all refunds will be handled according to the refund policy for the individual company you are insured with.

In order to receive a refund of unused premiums from you insurance carrier please follow the cancellation policy shown above.