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There is a lot of confusion about SR22's Regardless of what unknowing agents say, SR22's are not insurance. They are not bonds either. An SR22 is a state approved form (state form #SR22) that is an agreement between the state and your insurance company. It's a piece of paper that basically says that the insurance company will tattle tell on you if the policy cancels for any reason. 

When a SR22 is filed with the state, its shows that you have the minimum financial responsibility coverage required by your state in the form of insurance, or a Bond.

Some companies charge nothing to file the SR22 with the state. Others charge a minimal one time fee per policy period of $10 to $25 (company dependent).

Then you have your state minimum liability coverage. You can purchase this in the form of insurance, or a Bond.

  • A Bond covers you for minimum liability coverage, as a listed driver. Some companies want your vehicle listed, some don't. It does not provide coverage for anyone else to drive your car. If someone else drives your car and has an accident, you could be sued just as if you had no coverage. Bonds are good for people want state minimum limits and who have lots of cars that no else drives.

  • Insurance does give you more coverage. An insurance policy will give you all the same minimum coverage that a Bond does, but can provide coverage if someone else drives your car. Now, there are exceptions and exclusions to everything. So you need to talk to your agent regarding specifics of the company you are insured with. 

To complicate it even further here are two types of liability insurance policies:

  • Owner policy - You actually list all vehicles that you own and want insured on the policy. If they aren't listed on the policy, they aren't covered.

  • Non-Owner policy - Covers you in any car you drive that you do not own.

An insurance policy can also provide medical coverage, Un/Underinsured Motorist bodily injury and property damage. You can also add on physical damage coverage for your vehicle, along with other optional coverage's such as Towing and Rental.

Which one of these is best, a Bond, or Insurance, depends on your situation.

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